We are committed to using our expert knowledge and experience to help our
clients in a personal, client centered way.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Jason is a Masters qualified
Counsellor and Psychotherapist. His
practice focuses on a proven
mindfulness based person centered
approach.With a vast knowledge
base in a range of therapeutic
techniques Jason offers therapy for
a range of struggles including;
depression, anxiety, stress
management, relationship issues,
conflict resolution, addiction and

Therapeutic and Motivational Coaching

The team at Motivational Counselling
Solutions are specially trained in the
areas of Goal Setting, Motivation and
Coaching. If you are feeling stuck or
feel as though you lack passion and
have forgotten your purpose we can
help you! Let us use our expert
knowledge to help guide you to living
a rich and meaningful life.


Other Services

– Online Counselling or Coaching

– Motivational Talks at events

– Workshops on Stress Management

– Workshops on Goal Setting

– Business Productivity Workshops

-Keynote Presentations


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